Beatrice de Lavalette has already spoken at several middle and high schools in Belgium and France since her accident. She connects very easily with the students. Her story is inspiring not just for those who have suffered an injury but also those who don’t yet have their life goals defined.


     Bea is honest and funny and speaks very directly about what happened: “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That doesn’t mean my life stops.”

     When asked once, early, after the Brussels Airport bombing if she was angry, Bea answered, “No I’m not angry. There isn’t anyone to be angry with, they blew themselves up!”

     But she has been very clear about one thing,

“I have been given an opportunity many do not get. I have been given a whole new life and I believe I am supposed to do something grand.”

     She often starts telling stories, such as the remark her youngest brother made about a week after the bombing which – she adds – has pretty much set the tone for her recovery: “My brother said ‘We [her two brothers] tortured Bea for 17 years, what’s a little bomb?’”

     Depending on her college and competition schedule, Beatrice is available to speak in the United States starting in October, 2018.


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Paralympic Games in Tokyo.


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